Monday, February 25, 2008

Progress Report, Week 1

Progress Report, Week 1

Last week, I was ready for bed by 11:00pm 6 times out of 7. This week I will be ready for bed before 11:00 pm. I got dressed 7 times out of 7, I put away 3 out of 3 loads of laundry, and I cleaned 1 bathroom.

Every day this week I will set a timer for 30 minutes and I will work on cleaning and laundry for the duration.
This week I will not watch adult-oriented sitcoms in front of my 2-year old daughter. It hit me like a brick the other day that she's the right age to learn the wrong messages about sex and relationships.
This week instead of watching TV while I feed the baby, I will read a book.
This week I will read my scriptures during Leah's afternoon nap every day.

This week I will organize the shelves, drawers, and counter in my bathroom. (Yes, we've lived here over a year and there are still moving boxes full of stuff in most of our closets!)
This week I will go on a date with my husband.


Anonymous said...

If you do all that stuff, you really are Supermom! Good luck. Regular old Mom

Anonymous said...

Not only were you supermom this last week and weekend, you were also a superwife! You cleaned the bathroom, did the laundry, took care of Leah, put up curtains, and still found time to play and spend time with me.

Your not-so-super husband

Rebecca said...

Maybe--just maybe--such "adult-oriented" sitcoms aren't so good for you either....Just a thought.