Saturday, June 14, 2008

All in a Day's Work

Today was a neighborhood yard sale. In a close condo-type community like ours, it works very well for everyone to put their own sale out in front of their house and let the customers just shop from street to street. I didn't have all that much to sell, but for some reason I decided to have a bake sale. I made cinnamon rolls, rice krispie treats, and banana bread. I also put out a plethora of fabric that I inherited from someone in the ward--everything you can fit in a plastic grocery sack for $2.

Chris bought me a $2 chalkboard from someone else's sale to be my advertising, I traded 3 rice krispie treats for a coffee table, inherited a free TV, and traded fabric for baby boy clothes. It turned out to be a successful sale, based on the fact that I sold all my baked goods. And at 50 cents a pop, I came out with $40. I was going to say that I broke even, considering that in the process of trying to make a triple batch of chocolate chip cookie dough last night, I broke my hand mixer, but Mom pointed out that through my efforts, I got a TV, a coffee table, baby clothes, and a new mixer. I can live with that. Incidentally, hand mixers have a life span of approximately 2-3 years. This was my second mixer in 5 years.

Unfortunately, I've been eating junk food straight for 3 days, created a war-zone in my kitchen, and totally ignored my children. Tonight for dinner I had a simple, sugar-free club salad. I guess it was a good day, but man, I'm tired.

In the rest of my world, we finally got our laptop up and running, thanks to a terrific computer service in Orem I would recommend to all my friends (she even made a house call!) all for only $49 and the cost of a new hard drive. Leah is mostly potty trained but is consequently a sugar-aholic. My baby is 18 pounds. This week I traded in my babysitting money from the past month for a CHI! And, it is finally hot enough to need the swamp cooler running.

Until next time!


Rebecca said...

sorry to be ignorant, but what is "CHI"? I always thought that was Chicago airports, generic, but I don't think you can trade babysitting money for the airports :)

Sounds like a good weekend!

Jenny said...

CHI is a flat iron for hair. It has ceramic plates so it doesn't damage hair as much as copper. It is high temperature, and does the job so fast and sooooo well. I love it!

girlsmama said...

That explains Leah's cute hair at church yesterday! I loved it!