Sunday, June 01, 2008

The stars have aligned over DeKalb, Illinois

When I started college in 2001, my mom made a playful challenge with me regarding which of us would finish our degree first: me my undergraduate, and she her dissertation for her PhD. Well, in the 7 years since then I not only finished my undergraduate degree, but I also got married, had two babies, and moved four times. It's taken mom a few extra years, but not because she hasn't been working hard: she has been doubling as a dutiful daughter for her parents when they have been in need and a dutiful parent to her own children, she has faithfully served in the church and learned college-level Spanish in the process, has married off two children and welcomed 5 grandchildren, gone on countless trips, made two additions to her house, and so much more, all while working full-time.

Over the course of the past year she has truly "put her shoulder to the wheel" and dissertated day and night, hardly stopping to eat and sleep. Dad has been an ever faithful background hero, stepping in to do the laundry, dishes, shopping, cleaning, and so many more unsung duties. The past two months have been up and down with emotion of whether she would finish her dissertation in time, with deadlines, approvals, and revisions, and her committee members summer plans ultimately determining whether she would be able to defend her dissertation in time for August graduation.

And then the stars aligned. Mom has all the paperwork signed and is scheduled to defend her dissertation on June 17, only days after her advisor gets into town and mere hours before she leaves again for Europe. Mom has testified to me again and again that it is truly through the aid of the Lord that she has been able to overcome each obstacle as it has arisen. She is finally seeing the culmination of years of hard work and sacrifice. She truly is Supermom!

This is a shout out to Mom! Congratulations! And to Dad, you are truly a hero to help make this possible! This is the greatest gift that Mom could give Dad for Father's Day: herself!


david & michal coombs said...

this is one of the most beautiful and celebratory entries ever! what a wonderful tribute to your mom, rejoicing in her accomplishments, diligence, and love.

angela michelle said...

Wow congrats to Mom! That is a major accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your very sweet congratulations. Just was I thought I would never get done, because I realized how much more is actually possible, it suddenly is "good enough" to defend.
You wrote a very touching tribute. Very nice from a daughter who grew up with a mother always a bit preoccupied with her own homework! thanks for being a great support and for all your prayer for this project. Mom