Friday, April 04, 2008

Code Green at Checkstand 12

After spending several hours wandering aimlessly at a favorite one-stop shop (should I keep it nameless?), we finally headed toward the exit. Mom was a little frazzled, the baby had a poopy diaper, and Leah was wired to say the least. It was 5:00: time to go home, have dinner, and finally unwind. The checker sensed my exhaustion and gave me kudos for sticking it out, reminding me that his best memories are with little kids in tow. I sighed and responded "by the time we get home, everyone will be crying" (and I fully meant for that to include me).

Oh, what a prophesy. Leah had been happily pushing the cart along with me, being a super trooper after a too-long afternoon, when merely moments later she biffed it and split her chin open on a metal rail of the shopping cart. You'd think that such an amount of blood with such a calibre of crying would warrant a "code red," but to the contrary, such is a "code green." I looked at the same kind checker (because we didn't get very far) and said "What did I tell ya?"

A code green warranted no less than six store personnel (maybe there were more), who converged upon us practically instantaneously and provided alcohol swabs, an ice pack, paper towels, an icee treat for Leah, and lets not forget to mention the incident report form. Why didn't anybody think to bring a bandaid?

Michal came to my rescue and provided moral support and baby-assistance while we went to Instacare. After a $35 copay, five stitches, and a sucker, we were home at 7:00. Leah was a trooper, but there was a significant amount of tears. Oh, and as she walked in the front door to our house, she fell on her face and gave herself a fat, bloody lip. Figures.

Just for the record, the adrenaline of an over-extended, accident-prone afternoon combined with an Icee, a sucker, and cookies in a two hour period before dinner makes a two year old completely unreasonable and literally bounce off the walls. Subsequently, the parents begin to go BONKERS!
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Sarah said...

Oh Jenny, I'm sorry you had a bad day. How well you told it, though! These are probably those days that they tell us about that we are going to look back on when they get married, and weep because they are all over.

But for now... we're just weeping.

Rebecca said...

You poor girls! (both Leah and you!) Sound like she takes after her mother (I seem to remember you got a lot of stitches yourself).

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Leah and her mother will have matcing scars! You got your chin scar at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. Those huge smooth marble slabs running along the stairway looked like a giant slide to you, and you hopped on and slid down to a cement landing. When we went for bandaids from the toolbox under the car seat, we discovered that someone had stolen it. Bet they were surprised to open that toolbox and find diapers, panties, bandaides and female supplies! Sometimes crime doesn't pay! Mom

The Stiles Family said...

That sounds sooooo much like me when I was little. I have countless scars from my wild child days, LOL. I am proud of every single one of them!

Justin & Kitara said...

Sorry to hear about Leah :( You truly amaze me as a mom! You are such an example of what I hope to become. Oh, by the you remember Joe and Joy Allen from the 199th ward? They're in our ward here and we found out that we both know you guys! Their blog is linked on ours if you want to check it out! Such a small world huh? First Katie and now Joe and Joy!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a day! And your sense of prophecy is amazing!

Nancy Sabina said...

I have a scar on my chin like that too. Hopscotch on a rainy day in brand new penny loafers. Oops.

Days like that need to be quickly forgotten. I think that's the only way we ever get to that point where we're wishing we had crazy little kids again.