Saturday, July 11, 2009


Samuel is now 18 months old. Did Leah say this many words at that age? I can't remember.

Here are some of his favorites. Context is everything.

pa-bee (potty)
bah-bee (baby)
gog (dog)
djee (cheese)
baba (blastoff)
baow (ball)
nigh-nigh (night night)
bubye (bye bye)
bap (bath)
beej (please)
gae-goo (thank you)
waa-je (water)

Here's a little something from Leah.

Yesterday I was examing my toenail that got squashed by a mattress when we moved. Its gross. I'll spare you the details, but I was kind of picking at it. Leah asked what I was doing and I explained in a way she could understand, that my toenail was broken. She was very concerned and near tears, begged me not to do it. Is this some kind of phobia of nasty nail syndrome? I asked her why and this is what she said:

"Because God gave you toes!"

And here's a picture. The kids are watching The Incredibles on the PSP in their pajamas before bed while I cleaned up dinner. Leah has her arm around Samuel, which is super cute and uncommon.


Jenny said...

Here are some more:

Eee-ah (Leah)
See-oh (Cereal)
Chee-oh (Cheerios)0

david and michal said...

this is ADORABLE!

Rebecca said...

Paul just started talking up at a storm at 18 months. There is something about that age just clicks: TALK! I can TALK!