Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vote for Me

I found this in my parents' basement today. Who knew I was a women's advocate at nine?!?!

(spelling, grammar, and punctuation are original, which was also written in lovely cursive)


Hi I'm running for Secretary in our class election. I am nine years old. I am the youngst in my family. I was born in Winfield, IL.

The six reasons I chose to be Secretary is one, I like writing. Two, I am healthy. I was never absent once this year. Three, I am on schedule. I have never been late for school. Four, I listen to directions so that I know what to do and how. Five, I am not a quitter. Six, I am fair because I don't brag about myself.

Girls in high office! Why copy grown-ups? Vote for me for class Secretary!


Rebecca said...

The true question is: did you win?

Go girls!

Jenny said...

I think I did. I remember that later in that school year I ran for class president (I think we had a new election every six weeks or so) I came in second place, and since no one had run for vice president, I got to be the vice president.

Mom said...

Girls in high office! Yea!