Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Deep thoughts on Life and Teddy Grahams

I'm here visiting my parents in IL. Tomorrow we leave on a roadtrip to Washington, DC for the Benac Family Reunion. Last Friday, my cousin Angela and her family, including 5 children, were passing through on their way to the same reunion, only their trip from Utah is a three day affair. In Chicago after day two of driving, Angela was prepping their van for day three, stocking the snack pockets with assorted foods. She remarked "We're not eating enough Teddy Grahams."

Then my dad asked me: "Is that the kind of life you wanted?"

An instantaneous moment of deep thought. Family. Kids. Travelling. I guess in a sense, Teddy Graham allocation is all part of the package, and it is definately the life I wanted. Perplexed by such an unusually timed question I responded, "I think so. What do you mean?"

He had been asking about the bowl of Life cereal he had bought that day which I had just poured into a bowl for myself.

But what a moment of reflection.


Rebecca said...

Oh that is so funny!

angela michelle said...

Glad we didn't cause you think, "Oh man, that is NOT the life I wanted!" :)