Thursday, August 23, 2007

Chaos in the Kitchen

Amazingly enough, I have made dinner five nights in a row. This never happens. More commonly, however, the last five dinners I've made have been very substandard.

Sunday dinner menu: Steak and Potatoes; problem: got the cheap kind of meat, they were tough. I also made the mistake of reading the ingredients on the steak sauce we had on hand (Lee & Perrins) and discovered it has anchovies in it. That was just enough to make me not want any, not that I could even tell you what anchovies taste like. The potatoes were good though, but we could have used some gravy.

Monday dinner menu: Beef Stroganoff; problem: meat was tough, sauce didn't taste like Mom's. I've had this problem before.

Tuesday dinner menu: Bean soup; problem: lack of taste. Seriously, it didn't taste like anything! It had 1/4 of a ham, an entire onion and several carrots.

Wednesday dinner menu: Pork chops and stove top. Okay, I'll admit this one wasn't too bad because I used the thick juicy pork chops I get from Sam's, I just didn't have an appetitite for it.

Thursday dinner menu: Chicken pot pie; problem: not enough sauce, too many potatoes and they were undercooked. Seriously, how do you screw up a Bisquik recipe?

Peripheral cooking: Today I finally made that loaf of banana bread that I auctioned off in June. Problem: I forgot to put in the eggs. By the time I was mixing in the flour and thinking that the batter was more like dough, I realized that I had missed the eggs step. I hastily added them in at this point, but in a double batch, do you really think I mixed them in well enough? We'll find out in a few minutes if they taste alright, since of course I'm still hungry after that miserable dinner.

I must admit that even though I feel that my cooking is very inadequate, Leah continues to grow and Chris continues to scarf down his food and have second helpings on a regular basis. What a comforting thing to know that my husband will eat anything!


Sarah said...

I think that's more cooking than I've done all summer! Don't worry, in my book, the kitchen is all about the effort and it sounds like you are putting in your share. The bean soup does sound yummy - I wonder why it didn't turn out?

Anonymous said...

When in doubt, try more salt in the soup. Maybe some parsley (you can buy it dried).

I remember not knowing how to cook rice. We moved back from Germany, and I told my mother I couldn't figure out how to drain the rice--it plugged up the holes in the strainer and went through the colander. She said "drain the rice? What are you talking about?"

I still sometimes blow a meal. I'm proud of you for trying to feed you family. It is one way to show your love and give your family a gathering time. Love, Mom

Nancy Sabina said...

My Mom used to tease me that I could mess up making Hot Dogs. And I really could. The kitchen used to just totally fluster me. I'm still not a gourmet cook or anything - but at least I can make Hot Dogs.
I'm with Sarah - it's all about the effort and it sounds like you get an A for effort.

Rebecca Reid said...

I made potato and leek soup for my husband a few weeks ago. When he tasted it, he asked me "What do you think this tastes like?" I admitted that I didn't think it tasted like anything. So he got up and started putting spices in it. In the end, it sure had a lot of flavor! But I think the horseradish and cayenne pepper combination was a bit much...At least it cleared my sinuses, though. I'm going to try a different potato and leek recipe tonight....No cayenne pepper included.