Saturday, August 18, 2007

Exclusive Interview with Superdad

I had the pleasant experience last night of sitting down one-on-one with a Mr. Chris, Superdad himself. We had (miracle of miracles) a sitter for the evening and stayed out until (*gasp*) 9:30 having some good old-fashioned together time. We ate out, thanks to the luxury of a gift card (thanks Lola!), stopped by the petstore to play with puppies (they don't have puppies at PetSmart!) and then took a tour of Macy's and played Clint and Stacy in the clothes departments.

I was priviledged to hear a run-down of a day in the life of Superdad. He awakes at the crack of dawn, purges the bad blood by lifting weights or taking a quick jog, transforms in the shower booth and is out the door by 7:45 for his home away from the home, the office. Several days a week he comes home midday for rejuvenation, only to be called back by the cries of desperate people who only he can aid. He is always available to swiftly return to home base at a moment's notice should Supermom, his counterpart, crash and burn back on the homefront. After another brief rejuvenation at dinner-time, he sequesteres himself in favor of self-improvement and training at the Fortress of Solitude (or the University of Phoenix, depending on the day of the week).

In those brief but valuable moments when his presence graces the cabin, he is all eyes and all ears to his wife and child. His young one instantly greets him with a smile and begs for a special daddy-daughter game, including but not limited to vertical child-tossing and inverted ceiling ambulation. The weekends are blissful retreats when Superdad wakes up with the child and takes her on long wagon-rides, makes meals, and even changes diapers! He is hero to many, husband to one, and father to...well, one and a half.

Not surprisingly, Superdad-in all his humility-does not consider himself super. He feels he does not spend enough time with the young one or contribute enough in his dwelling. I assured him, his contribution as bacon-bringer is well received (and well spent!) and that I would not have him contributing in any other way. I simply encouraged him, and he agreed, to make the most of the time we all have together. Thanks for all you do, Superdad!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny & Chris, I love reading your entries and it makes me so proud of you both in what you have accomplished and the loving way you are to each other, and what wonderful parents you are to Leah. Keep sharing your stories and know that they are appreciated and looked forward to being read. Love you all a bunch!
Aunt Joy,

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