Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Chicago Vacation Highlights


Anonymous said...

Wow. Great pics! Great music! Great kid! And I love the way you know how to put stuff together. (Next time I'll have to remember to have you take a pic while I play with Leah!) Mom

carol said...

Hi Jenny, Chris and Leah! It's was great to see you again on Saturday and I'm glad you made it home OK. I will keep in touch through your blog - hope that's OK. Aunt Carol

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, Jenny & Leah,
Looks like you had a wonderful time in Illinois. I'm glad you're able to see everyone. I'm sure they all appreciate the visit and enjoyed your company. I can imagine Leah wondering who all these people are. When she gets older, she'll realize she has a big family, lots of relatives from both sides. the more the merrier. Take care of you three, I mean four. Luv - Mom/Lola.

Aunt Joy said...

Hi Chris, Jenny and Leah,

Loved the video you made from your visit back this way. It was really nice when you stopped on the way out of town to say good bye. I just wish Leah would of been awake to see her but am very grateful for the pictures with her.

Love ya bunch honey,
Aunt Joy