Friday, August 03, 2007

Produce injustice

Grocery store. Produce section. Someone once told me that you only have to refrigerate the things that are refrigerated at the grocery store. Tomatoes for example are traditionally not refrigerated at the store, so technically, does this mean you're not supposed to refrigerate them when you get home? I picked up a bag of tasty, sweet, purple grapes on Monday and noticed that it was on a display that was not refrigerated. So I put them in my fruit bowl on the counter and forgot about them. Today I helped myself to some grapes and they're furry! Ewww! I guess I should have refrigerated them after all! How are you supposed to know? This is an outrage!


The Bishops said...

Jenny...sorry if I ruined Harry Potter for you. I haven't even read the books, I did that mostly for my brother. Anyway, looks like you guys are doing great! So fun that you are pregnant again!

Jenny said...

Are you kidding? Of course I've read it!

Sarah said...

I tried out this theory too and got busted with mold. But some things that I've always refridgerated my husband make me leave out - like jelly and you can even leave eggs out for a few days if you are going to use them soon! I'm leaving jelly out now but I will never give in to leaving my eggs on the counter.