Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Residual Hero

I think I must be feeling better, because I spontaneously did another do-it-yourself project today. I was at Home Depot getting Weed & Feed and a fly swatter (owing to the holes in the back screen door) when I decided to pick up a new screen and the tools to replace the screen. A few months ago I happened upon a morning talk show that had a DIY demo (sponsored by Home Depot, no less) for replacing a screen, and I made a mental note of what was required. So tonight I came home and set to work!

While Chris has been at class, I've successfully replaced the screen and even managed to put it on the track. Now we can open the back door and vent our swamp cooler through the house properly, although I have to admit the screen is not very tight. At least it has no holes!

Total time for this project: 70 Minutes
Total number of websites consulted: One
Total cost: $13.35 (will likely be reimbursed by landlord, too!)
Total satisfaction: 80%

I also ran the dishwasher, cleaned the kitchen, trimmed the grass edges, potted and watered plants, put Leah to bed, and am now exhausted, waiting anxiously for when Chris comes home and tells me I deserve a bowl of ice cream. To be honest, I haven't felt like this in 6 months! Why can't I have such motivation and satisfaction from cleaning bathrooms?


Anonymous said...

I say, help yourself to a bowl of ice cream! You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Wow! woman of power! Go girl! Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny, You not only play the part of Supermom but it sounds like your becoming Superwoman fixing all these things. Just don't over due honey. I too say go ahead and help yourself to a bowl of ice cream. You definitely deserve it. Love you a bunch honey!
Aunt Joy,

Sarah said...

Way to go, Supermom! I could use you around my apartment for a few fixes...