Thursday, April 10, 2008

Prediction for all you "Idol"ites out there

Why was everyone so surprised when Michael Johns was voted off? I wasn't. I was suprised that Syesha was in the bottom three, because I thought her performance this week was fabulous.

Here is my prediction of who will be voted off, but not in any order: Jason (ack!), Christy Lee Cook, Brooke White, and Carly Smithson. That leaves David Archuleta, David Cook, and Syesha as my prediction for the top three, then I think it's a toss up. Then again, Christy's performance this week was better than past weeks, so I could be wrong. And as I said before, I was surprised that Syesha was in the bottom three, so maybe she's not as popular as she is talented. That's another issue--is this a popularity contest or a talent contest? I've said before that David Archuleta is very talented, but I think his popularity is pulling him through consistently week after week--he's never been in the bottom bracket. He's talented, but soooo very young and kind of cookie-cutter in his performances that I don't think he will be the winner (but Jordin was only 17, right?). That leaves me with my money on David Cook, but he could suffer from the Chris Daughtry phenomenon and be out of the running prematurely. Okay, so I've given my predictions, then refuted them all. I really have no idea.

Good night.

*Update* I've put a poll in the sidebar for you to vote on who you think the next American Idol will be.


Unknown said...

The real question is, who is going to be the next winner on Dancing with the Stars! My vote is for Kristi Yamaguchi. She has sooo much talent. She just needs to work on coming out of her shell a little bit more.

Sarah said...

I must disagree with you about Syesha. Although very talented, she consistently chooses songs that are too big for her. Barely. David Cook will do well, but I think he is conceited and he drives me nuts. Humility is not his thing, although, I think he thinks it is. (I could be wrong on this, just saying how he comes across to me.) I'm a professed David A. fan but wish he would do something more uptempo again, like "Shop Around" from the beginning of the season, and he needs to stop singing songs that sound like I'm listening to the Christian Channel. Not that they should be inappropriate songs, just a little different. My opinions.

Anonymous said...

Where can I vote for Jenny Fosdick for American Idol? (Never seen the show--you mean you can't win unless you're there every week?)--Very objective and unbiased Dad.