Saturday, April 19, 2008

*Sigh of Contentment*


I just got home from a fantastic trip to Washington; I survived a solo flight with two children in tow; The baby is sleeping through the night; I slept in this morning; Spring is finally here, the buds have blossomed, and it was warm enough for flip-flops and capris, which fit; I had a restful day, stocked the fridge, and we had a great time at a neighbors BBQ; The kids are both bathed and put to bed and its only 9pm; I'm off the clock and have Netflix and Häagen-Dazs wating for me downstairs. Thus, I sigh with relief and exhaustion.

Okay, so tomorrow I have a meeting in the morning, followed by the usual marathon day at church; I haven't unpacked yet; I haven't blogged about my trip yet; I'm getting 3 fillings on Monday; I have to pay the bills, potty train Leah, and catch up on everything I missed in the past week...but for now, I'm sighing that great, albeit temporary sigh of contentment that everyone is fed and clean and happy and I can put my feet up and rest for the evening. These moments don't happen that often, but I am going to embrace this one. I think this is what I'd call a Shining Moment.


Rebecca said...

Enjoy your moment!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on recognizing and enjoying the moment! enjoy the sunshine! Mom

angela michelle said...

I was just thinking of Elder's Ballard's comment as I read your post. I think he's so right about noticing and appreciating those moments. And you're so smart to snuggle up and relax while you have the chance!