Thursday, April 10, 2008


So I have been kind of out of it for the past couple weeks. I've been going to appointments. I've been wasting away playing PSP. I've been busy planning a funeral luncheon for a member of our ward who passed away. We've been watching Season 1 of Lost. We are preparing for a trip to Washington on Friday. But mostly, I've just been hiding.

Today I'm getting to serious business cleaning house and doing laundry so we can go out of town. I'm already tired. I came upstairs to get my flip-flops so I could take out the trash, but instead I sat down and started writing a blog post.

All week I've been trying to think of what blog post I could put up next, but all I could think of were titles without a witty description. Here are the candidates:

Eating my own words
On dental hygiene.

The other day I was in the middle of brushing my teeth when I looked down and realized that the toothbrush I was using was indeed purple. Figures.

I saw the dentist last week who confirmed that I have three cavities. Serves me right for bragging about never having a cavity and for eating M&M's for breakfast throughout my pregnancy.

What is that strange noise?
Birds chirping in the trees!

I got tagged by my cousin Jessica.
1. Grab the nearest book (at least 123 pages)
2. Turn to page 123.
3. Find the 5th sentence.
4. Post said sentence on your blog.
5. Tag five people.

Unfortunately, the closest book to me is one of my husband's and is called "Using Homework Assignments in Cognitive Behavior Therapy." Sounds intriguing. Here is the sentence: "We incorporate relevant case examples and conclude with a discussion of additional strategies to address homework noncompliance." Sounds like a real page-turner.

I'm tagging Michal, Kitara, Valerie, Raquel, and Jackie.

Random Tidbits
I just discovered LilyPadz. What an ingenious invention. If you are nursing, you might consider checking these out. It has solved my soggy sheets problem.

Yesterday I took Leah to Kangaroo Zoo. She had a lot of fun. It only cost me $5, but I still have a considerable headache.

The baby is starting to sleep for 6-7 hour increments at night. Praise the heavens.

I've been habitually checking out books that I have good intentions of reading, then returning them dusty and unread four weeks later and paying a late fee. I've been ignoring my house and my laundry, and we've been watching a lot of the Disney channel. I've even gotten behind on blog-reading and I've stopped checking my email except for once a day.

See? I told you I'm just not feeling the witty gene right now. This is what I would call a funk.

You can bet that I will continue to be MIA for a little while longer until we return from our trip to WA, the weather warms up, and I finally come out of hibernation. There are big things on the horizon--potty training being one of them.


Rebecca Reid said...

That's really funny about the toothbrush. How long will your trip be? Have a lovely time!

Jessica said...

How in the world did you survive this long without nursing pads?? I'm glad you have found them!
I LOVE Lost! Is this the first time you watched it? I am so addicted, and am currently on my second round- season. There are a lot of aha moments the second time around.

Unknown said...

1. I agree - no sharing toothbrushes!!!

2. I could not have possibly survived without nursing pads with Cameron. I was like a very leaky faucet. Never tried Lily Padz, though.

3. That book sounds about as entertaining as some of Craig's Economic books. Or even better, his Women's Studies book. *yawn*

4. Good luck with PT. You are lucky you have a girl. Cameron is impossible. We had success earlier this week, but then the next day he held it in for THREE HOURS! Even though we gave him 3 full cups of milk. He is so dead set against using the potty!

Jenny said...

For the record, I do have cloth nursing pads that I cycle through--but I'm such a cow that even doubling up just isn't enough at night. Lilypadz are silicone and act more like a plug than anything absorbent. They are really great.

Anonymous said...

Get a second opinion about the cavities. You've never had one in your life. If you have normal hygiene and tok pre-natal vitamins I have a hard time believing you suddenly have 3. There is a big difference between a dent in a tooth and a cavity. Some dentists exaggerate the seriousness of a dent because they like to get paid for filling cavities. I once had a dentist tell me I had 11 cavities. I didn't. That was 20 years ago when we started our current dentist, and I still haven't had any of those 11 cavities. Mom

Anonymous said...

what I mean is that we cahnged to our current dentist--mom

angela michelle said...

1. Hey, funks happen. You always sound majorly productive to me.
2. I don't get how Lily Padz work if they're not absorbent--just enough pressure to keep everything inside?
3. I've also had a dentist tell me I had a million cavities and then the next dentist never find any. He also told me he could see "future cavities" that needed to be addressed. And then he told me he would generously let me go on a payment plan.

Jenny said...

The dentist Chris saw last year did that and Chris had 10 fillings at once. Then we found out we should have had a second opinion and we switched dentists. Last time I went in they didn't do Xrays because I was pregnant, and I hadn't seen a dentist in several years, so I might have already had these ones, and he said that they were already too deep to reverse. I trust this dentist.