Saturday, March 29, 2008

Weekend Adventures

We had some fun outings this weekend.

Friday evening we went to the temple grounds because Leah likes to play (reverently, of course) in the fountains. Samuel slept through the whole thing. Then we went to the creamery for some ice cream. Yum!

Saturday, Chris took the GRE. We spent the afternoon relaxing by playing a few video games. We got Lemmings for our PSP. Remember the original Lemmings game for PC? The very one! It has the same levels, but way better graphics. Talk about a trip down memory lane...

After our pizza dinner, we spent a few minutes outside flying a kite. It was very windy and turned out to be too cold after about 10 minutes. Leah enjoyed it for a few minutes, and then stood in one place crying--she was extremely ready for bed.

Once the kids were in bed, we folded several weeks worth of laundry while watching a few episodes of Lost. We're addicted (to Lost, not laundry) After getting all our laundry put away I noted that I will start all over again on Monday.

So while we had Spring on Friday, Saturday was Fall, and Sunday was definately Winter, having gotten several inches of fresh snow dumped on our wonderland. *sigh* How I long for Spring to stick around for a while!


Rebecca said...

Just a technical question: how do you go weeks without doing laundry? I run out of clothes in six days and Paul runs out of clothes every four days. Hence, I have to do laundry every four days or so.

I love the temple pictures!

michal & david coombs said...

i know! i was so mad at mother nature with the snow!!! grrrr. we did some spring cleaning on saturday and even opened up all the windows to let the air go through the house, but i feel like i called the snow demons. sounds like you had a lovely weekend--i was cooped up all weekend writing 6 papers...i didn't finish, and am now taking it one day at a time. ha!

angela michelle said...

So with you on the weather! Congrats to Chris on taking the GRE. Looks like a fun weekend.