Monday, September 03, 2007

Basement Revival

After a three-week ordeal where the cement floor was hammered out of our basement and new concrete poured to level the foundation, we finally have our basement back! I mean, they really took out the concrete and started from scratch. You don't believe me? Here's proof!

This picture is the room after removing the layer of concrete (they chucked it up through the window well). The cord going across the wall is the cable that connects our internet and phone...imagine how ticked I was when they disconnected it!

Pouring cement down a giant hose through the window well. Notice how they used my gatorade cooler to prop up the hose? How considerate!

We are so glad to finally have this room back, and the room next to it which was piled high with stuff and coated in dust, including Chris's punching station which he had to disassemble and which he couldn't use for the duration (woe is he!). It's so nice not to have a stationary bike stored in our bathroom anymore!

We've since had a cleaning crew come and get the cement splatters off the ceiling (yes, the ceiling!) and erase the plethera of dust that settled about the entire house. What an ordeal! It was amazing how little respect the workers had for my time, our belongings, and our privacy! We're glad it's over with, and no, we would never do it again (neither were we paying for it). Here is the finished room in all its glory:

Doesn't it look like a fun, safe playroom? Anyone want to have a playdate? The adjacent room now houses our computer, Chris's punching station and stationary bike, and my stamping supplies, and is next on the list to be organized!

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Aunt Joy said...

Hi Jenny,

Very nice looking playroom. I bet Leah and her friends will enjoy plenty of play dates in there. Good luck tackling the organizing in the other room. Don't over due Honey. Take care and love you a bunch.

Aunt Joy,