Monday, September 24, 2007

Broken Up

How often do you really start a movie that you have to walk out of or turn off mid-way through? Usually we can tell pretty clearly if it is something we think is appropriate to watch or not, and we just avoid the trashy ones. I only remember actually walking out of a theater once (and it was the dollar theater even) when we just simply thought the movie was too stupid to be worth our time (Van Helsing). And whenever we turn off movies at home, its usually some crude humor movie that had the potential to be good (why we continue to try to watch those ones, I'm not sure...).

Last week, we got "The Break-Up" from the RedBox at the grocery store. I don't know how this movie got through our radar, but it was awful! Who wants to sit through two hours of watching a couple fight? We thought it would be funny, but it was just angry. It was just depressing to listen to this "couple" argue and demean each other, use hateful words, and basically act as though they had never actually loved each other by saying such cruel, loaded things. Chris and I both looked at each other about 45 minutes through and gave each other that knowing look, "Lets just go do something else."

Although the idea of the RedBox is nice--$1 a night for a DVD, return it to any RedBox location, etc--you are seriously limited in choice of movie to watch and end up just picking whatever you've heard about that you haven't already seen. I returned this movie to the RedBox before my 24 hours was up and said "good riddance." Then I came home and subscribed to Netflix.

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