Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Life Disconnected

Our cable modem stopped working at some point mid-Saturday. Since we have VoIP, this also meant that our phone was not working. As soon as I got home and discovered we had a problem, I did some troubleshooting and then I called Comcast. They'd send a technician out on Tuesday. Saturday to Tuesday without internet or home phone? Yikes! That seemed like an eternity!

In actuality, it was almost exactly 72 hours that we were disconnected for. But we do have a cell phone, so we hadn't completely fallen off the face of the earth, and some generous neighbor has an unsecured (albeit VERY slow) wireless network that I tapped onto a time or two to at least check my email. I guess it could have been worse. But seriously, on a daily basis, I spend a significant amount of time on the computer doing email, managing all our financial accounts and paying bills, blogging, etc. I get all my recipes from the internet. I get parenting tips from the internet. I get directions on the internet. I check when my library books are due on the internet. Whenever we have a question about who that actor is, what to do when such-and-such body part is bleeding, or how to fix a bike tire, we simply "google it. " Not having the internet meant that I felt very much...abandoned!

It is so good to be back!

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Dani said...


Amen, sista. It is so annoying. When I was about 15 weeks along, that's how I felt too, I just couldnt wait til people automatically knew I was pregnant. People still get confused now! They assume, "It's a pregnant belly so they cant take offense." Well I think they need to stop assuming. I hope for your sake you start showing soon!