Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oh, Boy!

Okay, I spent $5 on this cute little boy outfit, and now I'm really excited to have a baby boy!

(Leah thinks this is a kite. I'm not sure why.)


Anonymous said...

Dear Jenny,

I agree that is a cute little boy's outfit and what a bargain. I can hardly wait till Sammy arrives and you take a picture of him in his new outfit. Take care honey.

Love you a bunch,
Aunt Joy

Sarah said...

Buying new baby clothes for a new baby is so much fun! Congrats!

carol said...

Hi Jenny,
I'm finally getting back to answering the question you asked on my blog:
As far as paper arts: I enjoy stamping and am learning how to do parchment crafts. Really fun and pretty. Take care and cute baby outfit.
Don't overdo!
Love, Aunt Carol

Anonymous said...

Hum. _ONLY_ 113 days to go. That's optimism if I ever heard it. Mom