Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Job Interview

For the last four weeks, I've been submitting and resubmitting resumes, attending interviews, and negotiating a salary..for what you ask? Selling a car. I can't tell you how many times I've done the test drive, recited the maintenance history, and agreed on a price with a potential buyer only to hear them say "Well, there is one more car I'm looking at this weekend...I'll give you a call." Then I never hear from them again. Throughout the process I've realized how similar the process of selling a car is to applying for a job.

When you look for a job, you put out your resume, submit yourself to that nerve-wracking job interview and try to make yourself look as good as possible for the person who is looking for one employee, and hoping that you are the perfect fit. And often, they don't even have the nerve to call you back and say "Sorry, you're not the one." In this situation, I'm technically the "employee" looking for the perfect "employer" that will take me (or my car), and I'm the one sending out the resumes and trying to look good in the countless interviews. I only need one person to think I'm 'all that' in order to seal the deal. But in contrast to the job interview scenario, that one "employee" is the one that will be paying me.

But on the other hand, perhaps the person looking for the perfect car is the "employee" applying for a "job" and getting tired of interviewing crappy employer candidates even though they aren't the one putting themself out on a ledge at each interview? I really don't know. My car isn't crappy.

My point is that whether you are looking for one employee or the one car that is the perfect fit, someone is doing all the work. Either one is an extremely frustrating process. Does this rant make any sense? Is anyone interested in buying a 2000 Ford Escort?

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Anonymous said...

You may have to settle for a lower salary. That's OK. Unfortunately, unlike in a real job, you can't prove yourself and get a raise in 6 months. Too bad. But it must be overpriced if too many people look at it and walk away. Maybe there's a magic number--you know how stores go with the .99? Maybe you have to try $2999. Mom