Thursday, September 06, 2007

In Utero

Okay, by popular request, pictures of baby. Sorry its taken me some time to put these up!

Arm/Fingers waving:

Cute little foot:



Isn't he cute?


Rebecca Reid said...

Yes! Very cute. Thanks for posting!

Aunt Joy said...

Hi Jenny,

How cute the pictures of the baby are. Take care!

Love you a bunch,
Aunt Joy

Elizabeth said...

Isn't it nice how babies can now be photogenic before they are born?

So, Mom and I were discussing the other night if you were going to start a new blog for the new baby, or if your kids are going to share, or what? You probably haven't even thought about it yet, huh. :)

Jenny said...

Leah's blog will most likely be called "Lady Leah and Sir Samuel" once the baby yes, they will be sharing. I think it would be too confusing to have three blogs to update. Two is enough!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness. What if each child had their own blog? I'd be like gramma--retired and reading blogs all day instead of teaching English words like hytugit to my students. Mom