Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Perfecting "Disheveled"

Monday and Tuesday I did in fact get dressed, but does it count if I never left the house?

Today I finally got to the grocery store (only the first of two). I didn't think I'd make it with Leah needing a nap, but at the last minute decided to go for it with the promise of some kind of tasty treat for Leah if she didn't whine. Of course, since I was planning on taking Chris to work and coming straight home, my daughter had neither jacket nor shoes. No big problem, since it's springy today (in honor of the first official day of spring) and she would only be sitting in my cart. We shopped, we had our treat, and we came home.

Then I realized as I unloaded my groceries that at that moment I had reached the epitome of disheveled. I was wearing nice slacks but with flip flops and a T-shirt, had an only mostly intact pony tail and no makeup, and my toddler was barefoot with red fruit sauce stains on her shirt and face and in her uncontrollable mass of hair. How appropriate that I had been shopping for diapers for two.

After her nap, we will again venture out to the second and more time consuming grocery store, but perhaps we will wear shoes and have our faces clean and coiffures coiffed. Any other marathon shoppers out there this afternoon might wonder why that same cute baby boy is sleeping in some other lady's shopping cart with some other little girl.


Anonymous said...

If Leah didn't whine, then I think you did what you needed to do. Sometimes you need to have an outing; other times, you just need to buy diapers. Mom

Stacie said...

Only non-Moms would be confused. The rest of us know exactly how you feel, and are cheering you on for being ready for your second adventure!

I found this entertaining blog entry a while back. I found it quite entertaining and true in my life. My friends thought maybe I wrote it, but alas, I didn't. I cheer if I get real pants on, let alone makeup!

Jenny said...

For the record, I ventured out to grocery store #2 looking pretty much like I did at grocery store number 1. At least Leah had shoes that time.

Anonymous said...

I know this the wrong reaction, but I've been dying of curiosity since reading this entry. I must at least ask, what are Store #1 and Store #2? I know that Supermom should never unnecessarily reveal the secret identity of her Superfriends, but I'm not sure if stores count as Superfriends or not. Like I said, I may be dying, but it is just curiosity. The cat and I are closely related.

Jenny said...

Store #1: Sam's club (Where you can spend $60 on diapers in less than a minute)

Store #2: Macey's

I didn't realize I had created so much...mystery!

Unknown said...

At least you weren't in your pajamas! I don't understand why Utahns do that! You sound pretty normal to me. Or maybe we are just all abnormal together?

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, it was the norm for women in nightgowns and robes and curlers to drive their husbands to the train station. I remember my mother entertaining the milk man at he kitchen table while dressed in a robe. (Yes, all those milkman jokes are rooted in the fact that the milkman really did come in for a cup of coffee in those days.)
Older than I want to admit.

Nancy Sabina said...

I think if you were able to do the errands that were on your list then you're all good. Your Mom is right - do what you've got to do. And hope that you don't see the Bishop's wife there or something. - Of course, if you DID see the Bishop's wife, she would probably be wearing pajamas and a baseball cap and be just as embarassed as you!