Friday, March 28, 2008

What Chris has been up to

By popular request, this post is about Chris.

Chris has been doing really well at work and has had some great opportunities lately. A few weeks ago, he was invited to present during an EdNet training, which is streamed live over the Internet to all the Voc Rehab offices in the state. He did a great job and was subsequently invited to participate on an interview panel in Salt Lake City. That's where he is today. Tomorrow morning he will take the GRE. Despite the busyness of life working full time, studying, and preparing presentations, Chris also takes time regularly to play with his kids and read to them, make dinner more often than not, clean the house, teach Elders' Quorum once a month, work out several times a week, and still have time to play!

Every time he comes home, he is greeted by a frazzled wife who exhaustedly faints into his arms and a happy two year old who runs to greet him with a hug. The baby always has a smile ready for his Daddy, who is always extremely goofy. How we love SuperDad!

A sample of Chris' tasty cuisine for the whole family:


Elizabeth said...

What a hero! (Good luck on the GRE, Chris.) Sounds like a nice, rich, balanced life for SuperDad.

Side question, in your experience, does making the food look beautiful have any effect on the chances of a kid eating it? Those plates are artistic creations.

Joshua said...

I miss Chris. Oh, and his EQ lessons. Oh, and his yummy food creations—He knows how to liven the dullest of foods up. For example I once saw him transform an ordinary El Monteray burrito (which are good by themselves don't get me wrong) into a mexican mountain of yumminess.

Anonymous said...

Great Superdad! Thanks Chris!

And in response to Elizabeth, I always say that if you have to eat baloney, it ought to be a baloney man.
Been there; done that; now eat real food.

Jenny said...

I should add that he also brings me flowers at just the right moment!