Friday, March 21, 2008

Project Completed!

Here are some pictures of Leah in her Easter dress that I finally finished today. I started early (like, 3 weeks ago) and then took a week and a half hiatus...then scrambled this week to finish the sleeves and the hem. Here is the final product. A little baggy, very shiny and very Disney Princess-like (not intentional). If I have time, I will finish a matching vest for Samuel that I cut out...who knows if I'll have time with only one more day until Easter.

I wanted to layer the yellow lace over the satin for the bodice because I had a dress like that when I was a little girl, and it brings me happy memories (only mine was orange, I think...)

Total time: probably about 15 hours, but I wasn't keeping track.
Total cost: $30. I could have bought one for less, but I didn't want sleeveless, and this way I could make it longer on her so she can wear it all summer.
Total lifeline calls: 3.

Obviously, she wouldn't sit still for a picture, but isn't she a beautiful little girl?

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Elizabeth said...

A very beautiful little girl with a very talented mom!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Isn't it fun to create something? Your princess dress was pink and Becky's was orange. Obviously you remember the hand-me-down one. they were masterpieces. When I finally finsih my dissertation, I'll make some for my beautiful granddaughters. So it's back to work for me. Love, Mom

Nancy Sabina said...

A beautiful girl in a beautiful dress. Excellent work.

Isn't the sleeveless dress thing so annoying? I mean - beyond the whole modesty thing, yes, we're celebrating Spring - but it's still COLD outside.

angela michelle said...

Congrats on finishing the dress! She is a VERY cute litle girl.

Rebecca said...

So I'm the last person in the world to comment: but really, it's beautiful! Congrats.

Jessica said...

Isn't it fun to sew little dresses? I haven't done it in a while... should do it again