Monday, December 01, 2008

Hereby resolved

I will never again attempt to put children 3 and under unsupervised at their own table for Thanksgiving dinner. It doesn't work.

I will buy Christmas lights at the dollar store. Lights that went into storage working properly will most certainly not work when they are taken out of storage. If they only last a year anyway, I might as well buy the cheap ones.

I will wear good walking shoes the next time I go to the mall the day after Thanksgiving.

I will test out the annoying-ness of any electronic, noise-making toy I am buying for my child before I give it to them and go insane.

I will triple-check the addresses on packages I am sending.

I will not attempt to make stroganoff in my pressure-cooker. Subsequently, I will not encourage my husband to taste an atrocity resulting from such an attempt.

I will not ignorantly uninstall the CD drive from my computer.

I will not leave a pound of ground turkey in the trunk of my car.

When I give my child a special stuffed friend intended to be a life-long comfort object, I will get an extra one as a spare.

I will not consume an entire Cold Stone milkshake when I already have a stomachache.

I will not spill an entire pitcher of ice-cold water all over the kitchen floor and my bare feet.

What have you learned (the hard way) lately?