Monday, June 16, 2014

Bridal Veil Falls adventure

Friday we planned a family hike and picnic at Bridal Veil falls. I thought there was an actual hiking trail but there isn't. You can, however, boulder across the rocks directly up the falls!  I've always seen people climbing up and assumed they were crazy. Then I realized it looked like fun!

So Samuel and Leah and I decided to do it!  It was so much fun and very exhilarating. I haven't done anything that spontaneous and potentially dangerous in a loooong time.  And the kids were terrific companions!  They were excited to get a little wet and dirty (ok, a lot dirty) and they really enjoyed the challenge of climbing. They were fearless!  Samuel was quite the trailblazer and had a constant grin on his face the whole time.

We went up to the first major waterfall where others were actually playing in the cold water in their swimming suits and bare feet (ouch!).  It's was refreshing to stand in the spray after the exertion of climbing in the sun.  The kids were giddy. They were simply amazed at the view and to see how high we had climbed. It seemed a lot steeper looking down than it had going up.

There was a little anxiety on the way down, but everyone managed to keep their balance and their wits. No injuries!  Chris was patient with us as he stayed at the bottom with Audrey while the rest of us went up. Audrey enjoyed getting wet and muddy at the bottom in her skivvies!  

I got some pretty great pictures of our adventure. (This experience compares in daring-ness, filth, and exhilaration to when I went spelunking by myself at Eagle Cave in 10th grade-well not quite as filthy as that).  I need to go on more adventures like this!