Friday, December 18, 2009

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Happy Birthday, Leah!

December 2, 2005

December 2, 2009

Here are some highlights from Leah's birthday. Thanks to all the grandparents for their kind wishes and birthday cash. The first thing Leah wanted to get with her birthday money was an Ariel doll. (which, incidentally, lost her head 2 days later and had to be replaced at Target's expense). We had cupcakes with army green frosting. I was trying to make it colorful and then added cocoa to make it extra yummy, and that equals army green (or moldy green, whichever you prefer). And I wisened up from last year, in which I invited 10 people to her party, and this year we invited four--an appropraite number, I think.

Here is a video of the singing and candle-blowing, followed by the unveiling of a Dora scooter from Grandma and Grandpa S0rens0n. Alas, riding to preschool was foiled due to our first dose of winter arriving the next day, and now we have 6 inches of snow. Someone recommended we take her to the church and have her ride around in the halls. Maybe? Or the JFSB where I work? We'll see. Incidentally, if you are in the market for a kids scooter, the Dora one may be purple and pink, but is more sturdy and has 3 times the weight capacity of the other scooters.

Friday, December 04, 2009

What does it stand for?

Here are some pneumonic devices and abbreviations I still remember and use. Let's see if you know what they stand for. Answers to follow soon. (no cheating!)

Never eat soggy waffles.

Every good boy deserves fudge.

Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally.

A rat in the house may eat the ice cream.

C turtle.

My very excellent mother just served us nine pizzas.

Roy G. Biv.





And the last one is for my brothers. For 50 (totally arbitrary) bonus points:

Smashing pumpkins into small piles of putrid debris.

What are some of your favorite pneumonic devices?

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

In the words of the birthday girl

Mom: Are you all grown up now?
Leah: No, I'm still just a little bit grown up.

Leah: I'm so exciting for my party, but I want it to start right now!

Leah (every five minutes): Happy Birthday Leah!

Leah: When I was in your tummy, I really, really, really wanted Ophie.

Leah: You're a mommy, and I'm the smarty pants.

Snipe and Dumbledog

I only had to show the kids "Potter Puppet Pals" once for them to start quoting it.

If you haven't watched this yet, now is the time.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Birthday Bash coming up

Leah is going to be four next week! I can't believe it! Here is the cute little invite she "helped" me make today. Okay, she "helped" by picking out the paper with the birdies, and by choosing between red and pink. Other than that, you don't want to see her wield a glue stick.)

It says a little rhyme I made up in about 10 seconds: Here's a little birdie "Tweet" Listen to him more: "Join us for something sweet 'cuz Leah's turning four!"

Any little friends or relatives that are around are invited to come, too, if you want!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Fun with Photoshop

Here is a little something I've been working on this week.

I was given the assignment to make invitations for Young Women in Excellence, and this is what I came up with! I think I will print the text on cardstock, and the torch and flames on vellum so that it can overlay the writing. I haven't tried it out yet, so I'm not sure how it will look, but its worth a shot.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Snippets, Inspired by Leah

Requested by Chris.

Yesterday Leah got some fingers smashed in a door, not too serious, but it did require an ice pack, which itself required smarties.

So today when she bonked her head, she announced she needed ice. Then on her way to the kitchen for ice, she pinched her finger. The poor girl was very sad and very much crying. I said "You just keep getting hurt today."

She responded tearfully, "I get hurt everyday." Then we put one icepack on her hand and one balanced on her head and her first question was "What kind of treat can I have while I have ice?" Sorry kid--just ice.

She's much better at playing off her owies and announcing "I'm okay...I'm tough" when it isn't already bedtime.

Oh, and she is already telling me ideas for what she wants to be for Halloween next year. One day she said she wanted to be Jessie again, and then it was Ariel. This will be a fun year...

And lastly, is it normal for parents to be brimming over with so much pride for their almost-4-year-old to say two lines into the microphone in sacrament meeting, and spend the other 45 minutes playing with the girl next to her, sticking out her tongue, signing random sign-language words, and giving us thumbs up throughout her first Primary Program?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hand Stamped Christmas Cards for you!

I'm trying to make some extra Christmas Cash, so I'm selling hand-stamped Christmas Cards.

Elegant, embossed hand-stamped Christmas cards, using Stampin' Up! stamps, paper, and embellishments. $2 per card, or 12 for $20. Envelopes included. Choose silver emboss or white emboss. In your hands before Thanksgiving.

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Colorful and whimsical hand-stamped birthday cards, using Stampin' Up! stamps, paper, and embellishments. $2 per card, or set of 12 for $20 (set includes 4 each of 3 designs). Envelopes included. In your hands before Thanksgiving. Stock up for the coming year, or give as a Christmas gift!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kangaroo as Ariel and other disguises

What do Cruella DeVille, Little Einstein's June, Zorro, a monkey, and a mermaid-kangaroo have in common? Almost nothing.

I know its not the most attractive Ariel costume I've seen, but it really works for my three year old, who insisted that Ophie be Ariel for Halloween. It's amazing what you can accomplish with some construction paper and a whole lot of staples. (like the red hair and the purple bikini top???)
On the other hand, I have much more pride in Leah's Little Einstein's June costume, which she donned with perfection. Notice she even has pretend earrings!

Don't let this picture fool you into thinking that these two actually like each other and get along:
Zorro and Cruella were there, too. Can you tell we are recycling costumes here?
(Pardon the camera phone pictures--ran out of batteries!)

Friday, October 23, 2009

I have 300 children...

"Are you having a bake sale?"

"No, I just have 300 children"

Well, it's actually 332. Or 334 if you count Leah and Samuel.

This is what I was asked today when I purchased over 1000 eggs at Sam's Club. I always get strange looks when I load up my shopping cart with 40 pounds of zucchini, or 20 bags of spinach, or 200 pounds of flour, or 14 half-gallons of ice cream. Those innocent bystandards must think I have a very unbalanced diet.

If you must know, I am not shopping for myself, I am a grocery shopper by trade, and I get paid to do it. I am the official food buyer for all the cooking classes at BYU, or "Food Procurement Specialist" if you want to sound official. There are 17 classes per week; 332 students, 4 instructors, a dozen TA's, a lab manager, and me! (And where would a cooking class be without its food.) You see, I'm quite essential, and I love being essential in a way that doesn't involve feces or diaper rash.

(Come on, you know how much I really do love being a mother)

And I'm needed as much today as I will be tomorrow, for there are always food emergencies. Such as "The students used too much parsley, and the lettuce froze at the back of the fridge," or "the students ruined their stir-fry so we need more millet" or "Someone opened the mayo and didn't put it in the fridge." You get the idea. Yesterday it was ice cream and honey, today its onions and cilantro. What will be the crisis of tomorrow? I can now identify such things as acorn squash, leeks, and mung bean sprouts (although I don't think I will have any.)

There was that one time the bottom of my onion box broke and I had onions rolling in ten different directions and into the street. Or that time when the ice on top of my two cases of broccoli melted and I flooded the walk-in fridge in a matter of one kickboxing class. And that one time I accidentally ordered an 11 pound block of cheese instead of 1 (1 lb) block of cheese. (parenthesis---overrated!)

When purchasing such things as 10 boxes of Red Hots Candies, 48 candy bars, 14 heads of cabbage, 12 pounds of tofu, 20 lbs of frozen raspberries, 32 tomatoes, or in todays case, 90 dozen eggs, I try to come up with answers such as "Oh, I just really like cabbage. I eat it three times a day" or "I'm on a chocolate-only diet." You get the idea. "Haven't you heard of the tomato/raisin home remedy?"

Whenever I explain the contents of such a grocery cart, I am always admired for having such an interesting job. It is so unique, yet perfectly fitting that someone like me should shop (albeit for groceries) for a living!

In a nutshell, it is a very cool job and I work with awesome people. I always know what is on sale. I occasionally get to eat yummy things. I have a chance to miss my children for 18 hours a week. (I get paid!) And of course, college student TA's make great babysitters.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Happy Harvest Cheese

I finally put up some decorations!

I like Halloween, but I don't necessarily want to have a ghost, witch, graveyard scene. Plus, I like the idea of decorating for the fall season, not necessarily for the Halloween day, and this way I can leave the decorations up through November. The inspiration for this was the $5 corn stalk at the grocery store, which seemed to sum up the whole season. Then Leah helped me pick out the baskets, which we spray painted green and red. I elected to get real pumpkins and colorful squash, which were actually cheaper than fake, plastic ones (And I guess if we got really hungry, we could eat them). The baskets, paint, and chalkboard were only about $25, and those things I will be able to reuse every year!

Now the kids are playing with chalk on a little chalkboard in the house. That $.79 box of chalk will go a long way, I think. I plan to carve the big pumpkin on the left soon--it's at least 30 pounds.

Here is our new and improved front door. The kids wouldn't get out of the way, so I figured they could just be in the picture. Leah "helped" me right Happy Harvest on the little chalkboard, so when I told her to say cheese, she said "Happy Harvest Cheese."

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Two Top Tens (Top Twenty?)

Happenings lately at our house:

1. Leah's cute new haircut. I had to convince my mother that it is appropriate for her to look like a sophisticated little girl rather than a toddler. After all, she's almost four, attends Preschool, and has been potty trained for over a year. The picture was taken at Jumpin' Jacks, an indoor playground with inflatable jumping things that we did as a family activity on Labor day (Which was a great hit with both kids and with our coupon, cost us less than $11!)

2. "I'm sorry Samuel, you just can't throw poopy diapers around."

3. Searching through the cereal cabinet: "Mom, do we have any more kid food?"

4. We differentiate tummy aches at our house by saying hungry tummy ache or potty tummy ache. One day on the way home from the gym, and with the promise of icy cold lemonade, Leah announced: "I have a lemonade tummy ache."

5. "Leah, that zucchini is food, not a toy. We have plenty of toys in the house--you don't need to play with vegetables."

6. Leah: "Mom, why do you love me?" Mom: "Because God gave you to me. Why do you love me?" Leah: "Because God gave you to me." *smile*

7. Today I realized something vitally important, and it took me 26 years to make this observation: while a watched pot may not boil very quickly, an empty pot will never boil at all.

8. "Mom, why do we have to go potty every day?"

9. Playing with her toy kitchen and stuffing a stuffed animal in the toy microwave, "I'm making a dog for lunch." I asked her if it was going to be a hot dog, and no, its just a dog.

10. And as we speak she totally zonked out on the couch next to me. I was just too involved in blogging to go put her to bed, so she put herself to bed!

And its been awhile since I blogged about Stampin' Up! Here are 10 good reasons why you should get stamping this month!

1. Holiday Mini catalog is live and wonderful! View the pdf here.

2. New product line: Build-a-Bear Workshop stamps, paper, and sizzix dies.

3. New product line: Design your own necklace charms.

4. Awesome new product that I want for Christmas: My Digital Studio. It is software for making scrapbook pages, cards, and more with Stampin' Up!'s exclusive colors, patterns, papers, stamped images, even SU! embellishments that look three-dimensional! It is a must have!

5. Hostess promotion through November 30: hold a workshop totaling $250 or more and receive any item in the Mini for $10! (excluding hostess sets and My Digital Studio)

6. Limited time offer: Decor Elements Growth Chart. It is only available until September 30! $24.95

7. Join me for a Workshop at my house on Thursday, September 17! It will be so fun! I will be giving out inkpads to those who bring a friend. Plus I'll be holding drawings for catalogs, merchandise, and retired stamp sets!

8. Hold a workshop with me in September or October and I will give you your choice of Designer Series Paper. That is a $10 value! Also, you'll get a free catalog and hostess benefits. See also number 5.

9. It's not too early to start thinking about your Holiday projects! Plan them and get started before October and November hit and you get even busier!

10. Help me reach my quarterly minimum by September 30 so that I can stay active as a Demonstrator!!! Visit my Demonstrator Business Website for more information or Shop Online now!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

The What's and the Why's

I distinctly remember when Leah was going through the "What" phase when she was about two.

"Mom, what are doing?"
"I'm emptying the dishwasher."
*30 seconds later*
"Mom, what are doing?"
"Uh, well, I'm still emptying the dishwasher."

And now that I think Samuel is about to the "What" phase (Watching me inquisitively he says"What doing?"), I've noticed with much trepidation that Leah has just stumbled upon "Why."

"Time to go inside now."
"Because I have to got to the bathroom."
"Why do you have to go to the bathroom?"
"Uh, well..."

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Naperville visit in review

So I took several hundred pictures in the three weeks I was out of town, so you can't blame me for delaying so long in posting, and for having a hard time deciding which ones to put up. (Plus I have to argue with Blogger's awful format to make this presentation...presentable.)

Treat yourself to a self-guided tour of some highlights, including but not limited to Chris's big 3-0, a family bike ride, playing in the sand and water (notice the girls both have The Little Mermaid on their suits?), visiting the arboretum with Grandma and experiencing all the fun animal houses, and some general good cousin and grandparent time, etc. And I haven't even posted about the wedding yet!