Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A little red

Project: Paint one half-wall of the bathroom.

Cost: $13 for 1 quart of paint

Supplies: Paint brushes, tape, drop cloths

Time: 4 hours start to finish

End result: Totally awesome! I don't know why it took me a year to get around to this. We wanted that wall to be red since the day we moved in. It's the curved wall in the hall bathroom, tiled on the lower half. It makes the little room defined, enclosed, comfortable.

The pictures don't do justice to my 1-afternoon project, since it is too small of a room and I don't have a wide-angle camera. You'll just have to make a potty stop to get the full effect!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

All about Bobo

Bobo is a friendly baby monkey in Jez Alborough's picture book "Hug". We affectionately call Samuel "Bobo" because he acts like a monkey and gives the best hugs.

Here's some pictures of the little guy. He is such a sweet heart. He gives the best hugs, talks constantly (in sentances!), sleeps well at night and still takes an afternoon nap, loves milk and stuffed animals and baths, can count and a-b-c, and smiles constantly with those adorable get the idea. We love our Bobo!

Last week we had strawberry smoothies for dessert. With straws (a real novelty!). Samuel kept picking up his cup and trying to drink it like water, but it was too thick. Then as soon as I looked away, he picked up his cup and smoothie dropped onto his face. He had smoothie all over his shirt, in he eyelashes, ears, nostrils, etc. It was so pathetic. I was too sad for him and the smoothie was just too cold for me to take a picture before cleaning him up. He was a good sport and recovered quickly.

One time the kids were playing in the backyard with ice cream cones. I took Leah inside to go to the bathroom and when I came back out a few minutes later, Samuel had apprently lost the scoop of ice cream from the top of his cone. Being a good sport, instead of crying about it, he left the ice cream in the grass and proceeded to play in the sandbox, using his empty cone as a scooper. Very resourceful!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Piggy-back ride, anyone?

Some overdue photos of Grandma and Grandpa's visit last month.

Leah's Latest

"I'm the kid, and when I ask for juice, you're supposed to give it to me."

Leah went to a friend's birthday party recently, and one of the activities was face painting. Leah said she didn't want to have her face painted. When the hostess asked why not, she said that coloring is for paper and not for bodies. Way to go, girl!

A few weeks ago Leah was assigned to give a talk in Primary. Only nobody told us about it. So that Sunday after church, the leaders asked us if we knew about it, since we hadn't been there to help or watch with pride. "NO!" Apparently, she did a great job giving a totally impromptu talk all by herself. She talked about how we should go to church and be nice to people, etc. Way to go, girl!

And last week during the sacrament, she asked (rather loudly) about a black man in our ward, "Why does that brown guy have his eyes closed?"