Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Poduncadick 2011

We survived Poduncadick! August 11-13, 2011 (Perseid Meteor Shower), Strawberry Reservoir, Utah.

5 Popes

7 Duncans

5 Fosdicks

2 Days

3 Tents

6 Adults

11 Children

Lots and lots of dirt

We had a blast on our camp out where the children truly relished in the dirt. We pitched our tent at probably a 30 degree angle, amidst trees and stumps, but managed to sleep pretty well owing to our 2 inches of memory foam. Fun, not as relaxing as I had hoped, but I did manage to finish a book. Audrey was the easiest--she slept all night twice, and managed to stay quite cheerful and comfortable in the 80 degree days and 40 degree nights. It helped to have so many willing baby holders. We had only minor injuries and one potty accident. The kids tried all day to catch a pot gut, but in vain. We enjoyed the campfires and board games, french toast and fajitas, shooting stars and full moon, surprisingly decent flush toilets and most of all the company of fun friends. It was really nice to leave my iPod behind for two days and never look in a mirror once or brush my hair. I was the only one to get a lobster red sunburn, lucky me. It took a full week to clean up all the gear and I lost track of laundry loads at about 7. It was a great experience and I'm already looking forward to next year's camp out.

Some photo highlights:

Monday, August 22, 2011

New Blog Design and Header

So...do you like the new blog design? I got a super cute Supermom Mother's Day card this year from my mom and was inspired to use the cute designs (and "S" logo!) on it to make a new blog header and background, and here it is finally! It probably would have been much faster if I actually had the real photoshop, and not just Elements, and if I actually knew what I was doing in it. It has been fun, but I have now stayed up super late and will regret it tomorrow...Anyway, what do you think?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Eventually" has come--Audrey at three months

Daily checklist:

1. Sleep
2. Cry
3. Eat
4. Poop
5. Spit up
6. Smile!
7. Repeat.

Audrey is such a sweetheart. She is getting better at sleeping most of the night. She can hold up her head for a little while, loves tummy time, and she can accidentally roll from her front to her back. Chris is an expert at tickling her and getting her to laugh. "A smile behind every binkie" is what he says, and it is true! We get the greatest comments on her awesome hair--if I had a nickle... She can wiggle 360 degrees around and get herself stuck in the bassinette-time to move to the crib!

I finally bit the bullet and moved Leah and Samuel to the basement and put up the crib in the upstairs bedroom, which is now the baby's room! (She has previously resided in the living room her whole life!) It was a big project to rearrange all the bedrooms--the basement has actually been a work in progress for several months, involving moving the weight room and reallocating all the rooms and closets in the basement. But now that everything is in its place, it is so nice to have a nursery with crib, rocking chair and changing table all in one place.

Leah and Samuel are having a blast with their baby sister. She recognizes their faces and instantly grins. Thery are very protective. They always tell random people (cashiers, waitresses, people at the front door...) all about their baby sister-her name, how old she is, that she spits up a lot, etc. It is quite entertaining. We are so glad she is part of our family!

And a video!