Thursday, January 14, 2010

Supermom meets Storage Closet




What this means is that I desperately needed to put away Christmas but didn't have anywhere to put it all!

Description: Installation of wire shelving, including 2 horizontal hangtracks, 5 vertical shelf tracks, 4 shelves 16"wide and 47" long(and room for another), plus a 35" shelf, and 12 shelf brackets. This project essentially doubled the storage capacity of my under-stairs storage closet, and magnified its accessibility immeasurably.

Project planning: 1 hour

Installation: 2 hours (That's it!)

Cost: it's not important (okay, it was twice what I thought it would be, but sooo worth it!)

Tools needed: Stud finder, pencil, drill, level, measuring tape, screws. (I would recommend a stud-finder that is a little better than the $8 kind, especially if you have loathful textured walls)

Helps: a half-dozen guys at Home Depot (not all at once...) and this 5-minute YouTube video.

Difficulty level: This was surprisingly simple! It was very important that I measured and mapped the wall first so that I knew exactly what kind of space I was working with and how many shelves I would get and where they would go. Then once I got the stuff, it was seriously easy to install!

Christmas in a (very large) nutshell

So Lola (and Santa) has come and gone, Happy New Year is here, Samuel had a Happy Birthday, and I have a lot of catching up to do.

Christmas with Lola
Chris's mom Pearly, whom we endear with the Tagalog title Lola spent Christmas and New Years with us. Leah immediately latched on and shooed the rest of us out of the guest room, announcing "Girls only!" (I'm a girl, but apparently, I wasn't invited!) We had a wonderful time with Lola, who took us to "The Princess and the Frog," showered us with gifts, and filled our tummies with our favorite eats, including Cafe Rio, Tucano's, Wingers, Korean for Chris and of course, authentic Filipino food. (We have over 100 lumpia in the freezer!!!)

We had a family outing to Jumpin' Jacks, where in only one hour, you can wear out your children for an entire afternoon!

The blessing of Lola was not limited to food and fun. She also provided the parental reprieve we so desperately needed; evenings out, mornings in, dish-duty, diaper duty, snow-shoveling, you get the idea. And she certainly got on famously with her two grandchildren, who simply adore their Lola.

Leah was allowed to don her new Tinkerbell costume Christmas morning, which she wore day and night in the 48 hours following Christmas (when I made her dress modestly for church), at which point Lola bought her a Cinderella costume, complete with crown, magic wand and glass slippers, which she still desires to wear daily. (10 points: Can you count how many pictures in this post have her wearing the said Tinkerbell costume?)
Christmas with the Coombs'

We spent Christmas evening with our very best friends David and Michal, who showered us with gifts and, as always, good laughs. They love our kids as much as we do.

Christmas was a blast. We plan on going on some road trips this next year now that we have a portable DVD player for the car, our exciting Christmas present for the Napervillian grandparent contigency. Thanks Mom and Dad! (50 points: Anyone recognize the screen-shot?) And Chris has enjoyed not having any classes this semester so that instead of late night studying, he can do some late-night gaming on his new PS3!, which he got from Dad and Debbie.

My first attempt at homemade pasta was a disastrous failure, we're still working on all our new DVD's, the kids are loving their new toys and books, and the play table we got with all our Christmas giftcards has been put to good use. We are truly blessed to have such beautiful, healthy children, wonderful friends and family, luxuries such as toys and books and PS3's, but we know we owe all our gratitude to our Father in Heaven and to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who provide a beautiful eternal plan.

P.S. Why am I not smiling in this picture? I had been vomiting for 24 hours on account of too much fudge.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Samuel's 2nd Birthday

I'm posting this a year late (he just turned three when I write this), but I found the video and realized how much he has grown in a year, so I'm post-dating it. It is amazing to note the differences in language development and face-chubbiness.

By the way, the first part of the video is Samuel jumping off a bench at the mall. There is a little girl behind him wearing pink tights who, very obligingly, pulled him up to the top of the bench each time so he could jump off again.